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Peterborough Spring Regatta 2017

UoLBC fights off tough competition and wins the Victor Ludorum!

We had a very successful weekend at Peterborough, putting out over 30 crews over the two days and a total number of 9 wins.

Our Henley Women’s hopefuls dominated the IM3 Fours, winning comfortably on both days.

The Senior Men’s 8 fought off strong competition from Lea and City of Cambridge RC to win IM3 8s.

Our novice squads also had a very successful weekend, with both the Men’s and Women’s 8s winning. Additionally over 20 novices graduated to IM3 during the weekend.

Over all UoLBC won the Victor Ludorum, beating off Lea RC who were winning at the end of Saturday.

This is the most successful weekend for UOLBC in recent years, and then the squads are pushing forward for more successes at Durham next week.

The Full results are as follows:

  • Saturday

  • Senior Men

  • IM2 2x-, 1st

  • IM3 8+, 2nd

  • IM3 4x-, 7th

  • IM3 4+, 4th in heat

  • Nov 2x-, 4th in heat

  • Senior Women

  • IM3 4+, 1st

  • IM3 4x-, 2nd

  • Nov 4+, 3rd in heat

  • IM3 2x-, 3rd in heat

  • Novice Men

  • Nov 4+ knocked out in heats but 2nd fastest time of the day

  • Nov 2x-, Narrowly missed final

  • Nov 1x, 3rd

  • Nov 4x-, Narrowly missed out on final but 3rd fastest time

  • Novice Women

  • Nov 8+, 2nd

  • IM3 8+, 3rd in heat

  • Nov 1x, 3rd

  • Sunday

  • Senior Men

  • IM3 8+, 1st

  • IM3 2x-, 4th

  • IM3 4+, 5th

  • Nov 1x, 2nd

  • Senior Women

  • IM3 4+, 1st

  • IM3 4x-, 4th

  • Novice Men

  • Novi 8+, 1st

  • Nov 1x, 4th

  • Nov 2x-, 4th

  • Nov 4+, 1st

  • Novice Women

  • Nov 8+, 1st

  • IM3 8+, 4th in heat

  • IM3 2-, 1st

  • IM3 2x-, 1st

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