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Henley Royal Regatta 2019

Henley Royal saw one of UOLBC's most successful weekends in the club's history, with Matt Brigham taking on double olympic champion Male Drysdale in the Diamond Challenge Scull's and winning by 3.5 lengths.

Matt joined the GB Start programme two years ago, having swam his whole life. With only four years rowing experience, rowing as an intermediate in second year, Matt managed to go ahead and beat Drysdale, an athlete that has competed at HRR for ten years now...and then gave him a thumbs up at the end.

Going through to the quarter finals on the Friday, Matt unfortunately lost by just 2 lengths to dutch rower L. Adema.

We are incredibly proud of Matt and all he has managed to achieve (alongside studying Medicine), coached by Dan Grant and Matt Paul from @Yorkshire.Start.

In other news, our men's 8+ managed to just miss out on qualifying in a great performance, placing 16th out of 39. All was left on the water and the boys gave it all they had, finally taking our northern rivals Sheffield and beating some pretty prestigious crews. For many, it was their last row with UOLBC, but it's safe to say we're getting better and better every year.

An amazing weekend for all and a huge success. Thank you to all that have supported the club over the year. This is us out for regatta season. Catch us next year at the top !

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