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Home International Regatta 2019

This year, following on from his success at Henley Royal, Matt Brigham trialled for HIR in a double with Oli Quitmann of Twickenham RC. Incredibly, having never rowed together, they managed to place first, leading them to represent England in the HIR in both the 2x and the 4x.

Under the coaching of Matt Paul of Yorkshire Start, Matt and Oli headed up to Strathclyde where, in their England attire, they came first place, winning GOLD for England.

The boys later went on to compete in the 4x, just losing out on a double win and coming second place.

Matt has achieved some incredible things this year, having also recently graduated with a BsC in Clinical Anatomy. Matt is continuing his studies in Medicine at Uni of Leeds and now has to also cope with being a world class rower.

Huge congratulations to both for their huge win, but as always, we are immensely proud of Matt and his dedication to everything he does.

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