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BUCS Head 2022

What a fantastic weekend on the Tyne.

On Saturday the Senior Performance Women raced two eights in Division 1 while the men split into a coxed four and quad. Then for Division 2 the men jumped into an eight and the girls split into two quads and a coxed four.

On day two, Sunday, the Beginner Performance squad had their first taste of the Tyne. Racing Division 1 were two women’s quads, a women's coxed four and a men’s eight. In Division 2 the men’s eight split into a quad and coxed four and the women raced two eights.

The women’s quad came third only being beaten by an Irish and Scottish university!

All eights did amazingly, especially the Senior Performance Women's 2nd VIII. Both Senior Performance and Beginner Performance were the second fastest out of the 2nd boats.

The coxes stepped up and took the challenge of the Tyne with all of them having sendy lines.

Big thank you to Cerys who saved the day by subbing into the Women’s Beginner eight

Saturday Division 1

Sunday Division 1

W8+ 16th of 32

W8+ 18th of 32

M4x 18th of 33

M4+ 17th of 22

W8+ 6th of 22

W8+ 12th of 22

M4x 8th of 13

M4+ 20th of 23

Saturday Division 2

Sunday Division 2

M8+ 23rd of 36

W4+ 17th of 27

W4x 12th of 28

W4x 21th of 28

M8+ 17th of 21

W4+ 10th of 23

W4x 3rd of 12

W4x 8th of 12

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