The RowLeeds programme is a RowUK programme that is run with the support of Leeds Sport and Physical Activity. It places University of Leeds Boat Club volunteers into secondary schools across Leeds to run indoor rowing clubs. The aim is to use rowing as a vehicle to broaden the horizons for those who may never have considered higher and further education. 

It was launched in 2017, and is a project we are incredibly proud to play such an important role it.  This year over 20 of our members have been trained as volunteer coaches.


The wider club also enjoys supporting the RowLeeds Indoor Rowing Championships where hundreds of school children come together to put their training to the test. UoLBC lends a hand where it can, helping to set up the race floor and offering tips and tricks to competitors. 



The Gorse Boat Club (TGBC) was set up in 2016 as the on water rowing club for The Gorse Academies Trust.  It draws its members from 5 secondary schools and 1 Sixth Form college. 


TGBC is the perfect opportunity for us to support the growth of local talent. In order for us to have faster boats we need to increase the strength and depth of our senior squads. So we view the TGBC junior rowers as our future senior rowers. 


We then aim to nurture the growth of individual TGBC rowers by building friendships across the boat bay. We wash down our boats next to each other and chat about our outings. Our experienced coxes run race briefs and listen to outings, and the TGBC seniors jump into UoLBC boats every now and then. 


When it comes to race day, we work as one team (as you can see in the video), helping each other unload, rig and boat. You'll find TGBC J14s helping to carry UoLBC blades to the water, and UoLBC Seniors lending a hand lifting heavy octos onto the trailer.


We hope these friendships will help to break down some of the perceived barriers to higher education. We are committed to making UoLBC a rowing destination for TGBC rowers and we believe that rowing can be a draw to University of Leeds.

Images thanks to the University of Leeds, Leeds Sport and Physical Activity, Simply Anna, Will Jarvis, Martha Bowen and Thea Parson. 

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