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Last race of the year! We can definitely say it was a cold and impressive one!

Our senior performance team took the title of fastest women’s 1st eight and 2nd eight, with the 2nd eight beating a first eight from another university. The men came 3rd in the quad and 6th in their eight.

Congrats to all the beginners on their first race and to the brave few who took the challenge of steering while doing their first race. The weeks of training you’ve put in are really showing by maintaining the technique and power through the long 3k course.

Congrats as well to all the new coxes who took on the conditions and gave their crews some amazing races.

Inters took on the challenge of the women’s eight and quads category and the men took on the coxed four. A big thank you to Felicity for subbing in to the coxed four and showing the men how it's done.

A massive thank you to Cross Keys Garage for providing us with the brand new model of the Isuzu d-max which has made towing a smooth process. Their support is greatly appreciated.

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