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Durham Regatta 2017

Following our successes at Peterborough we sent 21 crews to Durham from all 4 squads and we had success amongst them all.

Leading from the top, our Women’s Henley hopefuls won the IM2 4+, on Saturday, Beating Yarm School “easily”. The Senior Women’s 4x- sadly lost out in the final to Tees RC by ½ a length.

The senior men also had some great results. The First 8 won IM3 8+ on Saturday beating Stevenson College by ¼ of a length. They did not end their weekend there. They went on to win the Championship 8+ on Sunday, beating a tough opposition of York City by ¾ of a length.

The Senior men also entered an Elite 4x- and an IM3 4+ which both reached the semi-final only to be knocked out by the crew that went on to win overall.

Our novice squads have a tough weekend with the Durham Colleges and local schools fielding strong novice crews and our successes at Peterborough meant the majority of our Novice Crews were racing IM3 against both Novice squads and some very experienced senior crews. Despite tough competition, our novice squads still had some success. We had a Leeds vs Leeds final in the Men’s non-champ 4+ on Sunday. The Novice women’s squad also met themselves in the final, with the final of the non-champ 8+ between the first and second boats. On top of this, half of the winning 8 also went on to also win the non-champ 4+.

Overall it was a successful weekend, we hope the success continues as the senior squads head to Henley and Marlow. Our Novice Squads ended the year strong and will be a good contribution to our senior squads in September.

The full results of the weekend are as follows:

  • Saturday

  • Senior Men

  • IM3 4+, got knocked out in the semi by the winning crew

  • Elite 4x-. Knocked out in the semi by the winning crew.

  • Elite 2x- knocked out in the heat

  • Im3 8+ Won the event

  • Senior Women

  • WIM2 4+ won

  • WIM3 4+ lost first round

  • WElite 2x lost first round

  • Novice Men

  • IM3 4+ Knocked out by tyne first round

  • IM3 8+ Knocked out by Durham College first round

  • IM3 4+ Knocked out first round

  • Novice Women

  • IM3 8+ (Swift) – Knocked out in Semi by St Cuthbert’s

  • IM3 8+ (Lanzarini), Disqualified in 1st round

  • Sunday

  • Senior Men

  • 8+ Won beating york city in the final

  • Senior Women

  • W non-champ 4x made it to the final

  • W non-champ 4+ lost first round

  • Novice Men

  • M non-champ 8+ Knocked out by hull first round

  • M non-champ 4+ C Knocked out by Lancaster first round

  • M non-champ 4+ Leeds A Vs Leeds B final

  • Novice Women

  • W non-champ 4+ (Lanzarini) 1st, Beat Van Mildert by 4 lengths

  • W non-champ 8+ (Swift) 2nd, Lost to Leeds in the final

  • W non-champ 8+ (Lanzarini), 1st, in the final against Leeds

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