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A 2017 Welcome!

Welcome to the University of Leeds Boat Club!

If you came along to the Fresher’s Fair, it was great to meet you! If you didn’t make it, not to worry, we look forward to meeting you soon!

We cater for all at UoLBC – whether you want to row at prestigious races such as Head of the River and Henley Royal Regatta, or would prefer to go out in a boat as when you fancy, we are happy to have you on board. We have squads to take the most committed of athletes, and also the more relaxed ones. Likewise if you’d prefer to Cox or be a Land Member, we definitely want you to join!

Next steps:

Come along to circuits, these are fun and sociable circuits for the whole club, twice a week: Monday @ the Edge 5:30-6pm, warm-up run 5pm. Thursday @ Cromer Terrace 7-8pm, warm-up run 6:30pm. They are aimed at building your overall fitness, and you can do them at your own pace.

Join the club- head to the Facebook page of your potential new squad! This is where we organise all of our activities – water outings, land training and socials. (see below)

Unfortunately all our Give it a Go sessions have now sold out, but you can come along to our training and try it out for a bit before you have to buy membership.

Senior Squads:

If you’ve rowed before and want to represent the University at BR and BUCs events, this squad is for you. We will develop you as an athlete and give you opportunities to grow your rowing career.



Senior Intermediate Squad

Perfect for anyone who has rowed before but wants to take it a bit more chill. No minimum or maximum number of outings, ergs or training sessions – however much want you want to row, we can accommodate you!

Novice Squads:

These are our biggest squads. UoLBC is the perfect place to take up a new sport – we’ll teach you to row in no time at all, and can get you racing by Christmas. No previous experience or fitness required, anyone who wants to row, will row. If you want to have a lot of fun and meet new people, whilst learning a new skill – join our Novice squads.



Land Members

If you don’t want to row on the water, but still want to feel the health benefits of our land training you can become a land member. The best thing to do is to come to our first circuits session (Monday 25th, The Edge, 5.30pm) and head over to our Club facebook page for more information

Coxes Squad

Last, but my no means at all least, we have arguably the most important crew member at the club – the coxes! Whether you’ve coxed since you were a junior, or fancy learning, UoLBC are proud of the opportunities we offer to our coxes. We’ll have you out and in charge of a crew in no time at all.

Things you might not know about the Boat Club…
  • We are the biggest mixed gender sports club at the uni

  • We are all inclusive, there are no trials

  • We teach nearly 100 people to row a year

  • We also have a strong performance program with direct pathways into the GB Squad

  • We have a new £1 million boathouse

  • We have a full-time coach

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