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Head of the Trent Race Report

Yesterday the club jammed some lanky senior rowers into some tiny cars, loaded up the trailer and packed on a party bus of Novs for their first ever race.

After an initial worry about weather conditions, the sun came out and we were able to get on the Trent to show our regional competitions how much training we have put in and oh boy did we do good!

The results are as follows:

Division 1 Open Men’s 8+: 2nd (Senior Performance Squad) Women’s 4+: 2nd (Senior Performance Squad) Women’s 4x: 3rd (Senior Intermediate Squad) Women’s 4x: 5th (Senior Intermediate Squad)

Division 2 Open Men’s Beginners 8+: 1st (Novice Performance Squad) Women’s Beginners 8+: 2nd (Novice Performance Squad) Women’s Beginners 8+: 5th (Novice Squad) Women’s Beginners 8+: 6th (Novice Squad) Open Men’s Beginners 4+: 1st (Novice Squad) Open Men’s Beginners 4+: 2nd (Novice Performance Squad)

Division 3 Women’s 8+: 2nd (Senior Performance Squad) Open Men’s 4+: 2nd (Senior Intermediate Squad)

Safe to say for our first time on the Trent, we truly showed everyone what Leeds are made of!

As ever, the photos will be up on our main facebook page (University of Leeds Boat Club) so if you haven’t already head over to that page and give that a like.

Another busy week ahead prepping for one of our biggest student races yet of head season: British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS Head) in Gloucester.

For those that came today to support thank you very much, you were great and we really hope to see you again in the future, perhaps in Gloucester!

As ever, thank you to captains for the huge amount of organising racing takes and of course, to Dan

Grant, where would we be without you?? Still in Leeds and rowing nowhere near as good.

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