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Yorkshire Social Rowing League Race Report

A huge well done to everyone that competed in the Yorkshire Social Rowing League (YSRL) on Saturday and allowed for our first event to be so successful! We saw some great rowing and our crews did really well competing against the other Yorkshire Clubs.

For anyone that is new to YSRL, it is an inaugural social league that differs to any others that are currently operating. YSRL is aimed at novice rowers who want to compete against other clubs, but without the large pressure often placed on University sport. The day consists of a time-trial and race for each crew over a 250-400m stretch, allowing for each boat at least 2 races. This year we will be hosting YSRL at the University of Leeds Boat Club and inviting all Yorkshire based Universities to join us.

The Yorkshire Social Rowing League’s first race was a raging success. The afternoon kicked off at 1.30, with all the boats including the The Gorse Boat Club Octo completing time trials. A couple of rerows later and all the boats were sorted into side by side finals. As the finals got underway, it was impressive to see our novices, who had never been in a boat 2 months ago, race with composure and commitment.

A special thank you goes to the BBQ boys Fabian Limmer and Euan Robertson and all the seniors who helped out and baked cakes. Emma Pullan as ever, you saved the day and stepped in to cox, where would we be without you? The afternoon concluded with a convincing Leeds clean sweep.

A well deserved congratulations to our novice captains, Maddie Harkness, Benjamin Kerton-Johnson, Juliette Cox and Will Davis Birch for pulling off a great day. We’re all very excited to see how YSRL grows across this and following years.

Now for the results:

W8+ A Final- UOLBC MadDogs and JC Moneys

1st- W8+ UOLBC MadDogs

M4+ A Final- Breadsticks and Early Squares

1st- M4+ Early Squares

M4+ B Final: Breadsticks and Four-Leafed Clovers

1st- M4+ Breadsticks

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