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BUCS Regatta 2019 Race Report

BUCS regatta consisted of many a sunburnt nose, a plethora of pasta pots and quite a fair bit of rowing with some big results!


WB1x Anya – 18th in TT, 2nd in C Final

MInt1x Fergus – 7th in TT, 5th in Semi, 5th in B Final

MC1x Matt – 5th in TT, 2nd in A Final (SILVER)

WCLwt2x – 13th in TT, 6th in Rep

MB4+ A – 14th in TT, 5th in C Final

MB4+ B – 25th in TT MB4x – 4th in TT, 3rd in Semi, 5th in A Final

MInt 8+ 18th in TT, 6th in C Final


WB4x A – 2nd in TT, 1st in Semi, 2nd in A Final

WB4x B – 13th in TT, 2nd in C Final

MB8+ - 7th in TT, 6th in Semi 5th in B Final

Mint4+ A – 10th in TT, 6th in Semi, 6th in B Final

Mint4+ B – 38th in TT

Wint8+ - 13th in TT, 1st in C Final


MB1x Ben – 12th in TT, DNF Semi, 6th in B Final

WInt4+ A – 18th in TT, 6th in C Final

WInt4+ B – 37th in TT

WB8+ - 10th in TT, 4th in Semi, 2nd in B Final

We were incredibly proud of the club, in particular our silver medal winners Jill, Rosanna, Ellie and Anya who came second in the Women's beginner quad category and Matt Brigham in the Men's Championship singles.

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