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BUCS Head 2020 Race Report

This weekend our Senior Crews headed up to Newcastle, competing at BUCS head. Thanks to the horrible weather and the many storms we've experienced recently, it was announced earlier in the week that the Beginner events would be cancelled. This sadly meant our Novice's were unable to compete at their first BUCS, but we look forward to regatta season!

Instead, the senior races were moved to the Sunday, with three of our crews competing. The results were as follows:

Women’s Intermediate 8+

17th of 22

Men’s Intermediate 4+

11th of 18

Women’s Intermediate 4x

10th of 16

Despite the choppy weather conditions, our crews battled on, with extra credit going to Darcy Simon who stepped in to the Women's 4x last minute due to an injury.

Huge well done, as always, to those that competed - fingers crossed we've heard the last from Storm Dennis!

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