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Tees Regatta Race Report

Another weekend, another regatta! Just to get everyone ready for exam season the Club headed to Tees Regatta. Fortunately for those racing, this regatta is (only!) 800m compared to the daunting 2000m racing done at BUCS. The Club impressively managed to take boats from all three squads; Beginners, Inters and Performance.

The Beginners had a mountain to climb by racing multiple times in the same races as our Senior Performance crews as well as other experienced clubs! However, they bravely got on with the task at hand without being too phased and putting in a commendable effort. The highlight Beginner performance has to be the Men’s 4+ finishing in 2nd place.

The Inters kicked off their regatta season impressively with the O2x finishing in 2nd place. The Women’s 4x also finished in 2nd place. These are certainly the boat types to look out for the Inters as variations of these are racing at both Peterborough and Durham. Hopefully they’ll be able to bring a pot home!

The Women’s Senior Performance squad had a difficult day of racing against Yarm. The Women’s 8+ came 2nd behind Yarm’s 1st 8+. Unfortunately, this set the trend for almost all Senior Performance Women boats as they got ‘Yarmed’.

However, all was not lost! The Senior Performance Men’s 8+ brought home a pot in their final. On top of this, the Kiwi pair continued their outstanding form by also bringing a pot home, building on an already impressive BUCS performance. Finally, Sophie Bonnor also brought a pot home, however, the spoils were shared with her York composite partner!

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