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Yorkshire Head

Hosted on the River Ouse
2nd March 2024

Screenshot 2024-03-12 123740.jpg

Yorkshire Head Race Report
Hi all, we’ve had some exciting past weeks of racing lately firstly starting off with Yorkshire Head at the beginning of the month. The 4,500m course downstream on the River Ouse was a great chance for our members to get some great racing experience. We entered 6 crews including a senior W8+, Op8+(a), Op8+(b) and W4x- as well as a beginner W8+ and Op8+. The highlight of the day was our senior W4x- winning their race in the afternoon. Yet again another great day of racing from everyone!

Senior W8+ (band 1): 4th
Senior Op8+(a) (band 1): 4th
Senior Op8+(b) (band 2): 3rd
Senior W4x-: 1st
Beginner W8+ (band 2): 4th
Beginner Op8+ (band 2): 5th

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