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Head of the Mersey 2024

Hosted on the River Mersey, Warrington
11th February 2024


The club’s 2024 racing season kicked off with the Head of the Mersey, where we sent some of our senior and beginner racing squads. We entered five crews across our seniors and beginners consisting of a senior W2x, a beginner Op4x, a beginner W4x and a beginner and senior W4+ with some fantastic results all round! It was particularly great to see our beginner squad developing more racing experience before they take on bigger races this term such as BUCS Head this weekend, especially after the limited racing we were able to do last term due to the flooding. The race even had a surprise visitor in the form of a seal on the course! 


Summary of Results:

SrW2x div2 - 2nd
BegM4x div 3 - 4th
BegW4x div 3 - 2nd
SrW4+ div 5 - 2nd
BegW4+ div 5 - 3rd

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