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BUCS Regatta 2018

On the 5th of May, 7 Senior and 8 Novice Crews headed to Holme Pierrepont, in Nottingham, for a weekend of racing at BUCS Regatta. The Weekend started with the Senior Men’s 8 finishing 6th in the C final, and then Matt Brigham getting out the Eight to go on to come 3rd in the B final in his single. The senior women entered a pair as well on Saturday, who finished 6th in the C final. The Novice men entered two Fours and a quad with the best placing 3rd in the C final.

On Sunday, the Senior Women went on to improve on the Men’s results coming 3rd in C final, this was a great considering there was no Senior Women’s Eight entry last year. The Senior Men’s double just missed out on the C final due to the time trial but won the D final with a time that would have placed them 3rd in the C final. Like the Novice Men, the Novice Women also entered two Fours and one Quad. The Quad was fastest Novice Women’s Crew placing 5th in the B final. The Men’s Novice 8+ ended the day placing 5th in the D final.

On the final day of BUCS, we only had 3 crews racing, the Senior Women’s Four, Women’s Beginner Eight and Novice Men’s Single. Who placed, 2nd in the D final; 5th in the C Final and 6th in the F final respectively.

The full results are below:


Women’s Intermediate 2-, 6th C Final

Mens Intermediate 8+, 6th C Final

Mens Intermediate 1x, 3rd B Final

Men’s Beginner 4+ (a), 3rd C Final

Men’s Beginner 4+ (b), 6th F Final

Men’s Beginner 4x, 5th C Final


Women’s Intermediate 8+, 3rd C Final

Mens Intermediate 2x, 1st D Final

Mens Intermediate 4+, 42nd

Women’s Beginner 4+ (a), 6th F Final

Women’s Beginner 4+ (b), 2nd F Final

Women’s Beginner 4x, 5th B Final

Men’s Beginner 8+, 5th D Final

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