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Peterborough Regatta Race Report

Last weekend saw UOLBC head down to Peterborough Regatta, getting a lot of our crews racing against some tough competition! It was great to see so many there racing and really showed the commitment and dedication our rowers have towards the sport.

Huge thanks goes to Siam Kirby, Jill Dickinson, Flynn Shore, Angus Ford, Zachary Prince - heroes for jumping in to crews at Peterborough last minute. Would have had lots of scratched crews without you, very much appreciated!

Ellie Ing, Herrick Ko, Iona Tompkins - congrats for coxing your first regattas this term. The first of many to come!

Results from Peterborough are as follows:

NM8+ 3rd in heat (band 1) NM4+ 2nd in heat, 3rd final

NM4+ 4th in heat SM2x 1st NM2x 3rd in heat SW4+ 3rd NW4+ 3rd in final NW4x- 2nd in final Sint4+ 2nd in heat, 4th in rep Sint4x- 4th in heat Sint2x 4th in heat

Well done to all our crews for this weekend, with a big congrats to Faizan Shah and Gabriel Brown for winning their category and taking home pots! 2 years in a row now?

Thanks to Cormac Auty for filling in and taking photos of the day.

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