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York Small Boats Head - Race Report

Well done to all of our crews who participated yesterday in York Small Boats Head.

A special mention goes to Amy Longbottom, Iona Tompkins and Natasha Merricks for their spectacular coxing in their first race, despite starting to train less than 2 months ago, super work

Always a thank you to Coach Dan Grant for towing the boats, taking footage and supporting all our crews, even on your day off. As ever, we’d be lost without you.

Now for the results!

W2- (Hall) 1st – 13:56

M4+ (KO) 6th – 14:45

W4+ (Long) 6th – 14:44

W4+ (Murphy) 4th – 15:05

W4+ (Boxford) 7th – 16:48

W4x (Charles) 3rd – 14:16

W4x (Hand) 4th – 14:44

Want to see more pictures of the day? Head over to our facebook page where we’ll be publishing an album of the day sometime soon!

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